The Map

This page maps the comic shops and breweries I’ve been to (that I can remember). I’ve always wanted to find a good interactive map of the main kinds of places I like to hit when traveling, and with Google Maps this is possible.

You’ll notice the map is mainly centered on Morgantown and Western PA because, well, that’s where I’M centered, but I’ll add any relevant spots that I hit (this will include diners and book shops as well). I’ll update this as it needs updating.

You can scroll, zoom and click for more information. Here’s the color code:

  • Red: Comic and/or gaming shops
  • Blue: Brewpubs
  • Light Blue: Beer Distributors
  • Purple: Beer Bars (bars/restaurants with good selections)
  • Green: Diners and good eats
  • Yellow: Book shops

(Want to incorporate a map like this into your site or blog? @grantmeaccess provides an excellent tutorial)


UPDATE (11/4): Looks like you need plugins for Google Maps API, and you need your own server and to be a member to get ’em. I’m taking a look at the Platial maps widget …

UPDATE (11/5): For now, check out the map on the front page sidebar.

UPDATE (1/30/10): Using Google Maps proper, a simpler approach that has all the features I think I’ll need. For now, I’m only mapping the one place – Morgantown’s local comic shop – but more is on the way.

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