2015 Musical Advent Calendar (Dec. 7): White Wine in the Sun

One of the great things about this exercise is how it’s introduced me to so many new holiday songs, and I hope you, the handful of people reading this, have had the same experience. Almost every one of my posts thus far has come recommended from someone in my feed, and the result has been a musical pastiche of what people I know think of when they think of Christmas music.

Today’s is one of those, from my friend Brian. “White Wine in the Sun” (2009) by Tim Minchin is a lovely, funny, quiet song. It’s not going to be come a caroling staple, but the repeated refrain of “I … really like Christmas” is one of those lines I wind up repeating over and over again, then mumbling off because I don’t know any of the other words.

I don’t know anything about Tim Minchin, but according to one friend “A lot of people don’t like him because he thinks he’s smarter than everyone, but sometimes he is.” Raised in Australia, Minchin says he wrote this song because hot weather reminds him of the holiday season Down Under. It’s a really pretty song.

And our standards?

  1. Does it mention Christmas by name? Yes, it’s very much the point of the song.
  2. Are there bells in it? No, just a piano.
  3. Is it jolly? Does “soulful” count as jolly? No? Then no.

Not a song you’ll be singing, necessarily, but one you’re likely to find yourself humming. Especially if you, well, really like Christmas.

That’s seven entries – just shy of a temple menorah! As always, you can check out the full list here, and feel free to hit me up with your suggestions in the comments or on Twitter at @thebobthe.


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