2015 Musical Advent Calendar: Snow Day

Time for another recommendation: “Snow Day” (2010) by Matt Pond PA. This one comes from my friend Jan, who offered the caveat that it’s “Not Christmas by definition, but still has some holiday spirit.” Noted, Jan!

And how does “Snow Day” fare?

  1. Does it mention Christmas by name? No, but snow receives considerable name checks.
  2. Are there bells in it? Not a one.
  3. Is it jolly? I’m not a follower of Matt Pond PA, but I get the sense from this song that he doesn’t really do jolly.

Look, it’s not really a Christmas song, I’ll grant, but it’s a nice, quiet wintry song, and that’s something. I should note that, if “Snow Day” sounds familiar to you, it may be because it was used in a Starbucks commercial. One weird thing about that is about a third of the YouTube comments talk about how they love the Starbucks commercial. Fans are fans, I guess.

By the way, Matt Pond PA is a band, not a guy, although that band includes a guy named Matt Pond. Just so you don’t look ignorant when you’re talking them up out there.

And on the twelfth day of (pre-)Christmas, I gave to you … well, another blog entry. As always, you can check out the full list here, and feel free to hit me up with your suggestions in the comments or on Twitter at @thebobthe.

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