2015 Musical Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Sand

As penance for leaving this until the last minute TWO DAYS IN A ROW, I have to listen to Colbie Caillat’s “Christmas in the Sand” (2012) today. I know her exclusively from that song about the stars in her nose or something. This video involves a blonde in oversized sunglasses gesturing coquettishly. Enjoy.

Look at that screenshot. It’s like she’s posting pictures from the trip she and her sorority sisters took to Cabo. This isn’t really a Christmas song, it’s just her other song with “Christmas” in it, something that seems like an unfortunate trend. Anyway, between this and Coldplay, I am reminded that getting on these earlier allows me to emphasize songs I like and want to devote time to. No more slacking off!

Something something criteria…

  1. Does it mention Christmas by name? Yes, as well as the repeated refrain “I saw Santa in his bathing suit.”
  2. Are there bells in it? Yes, but they seem like they’re trying not to be noticed.
  3. Is it jolly? No. Jolliness, to my mind, is about a kind of shared good cheer that comes from an elevated spirit. This song is about a lady who wants to go to the beach.

Ugh, I wasn’t paying attention for a moment and I looked up and she’s stocked the video with little people. You, know, like elves! They’re all there for her amusement. I’m done with you, Colbie Caillat.

Well, after nine days of presents, you have to expect the odd pair of socks. As always, you can check out the full list here, and feel free to hit me up with your suggestions in the comments or on Twitter at @thebobthe.

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