About What You’re Reading

I like comics, and I like beer – seemed like a good fit. There will be no other subjects.*

This blog exists for a few reasons. First, I wanted to start blogging about something that interests me (see above). Second, I’m a visual journalism professor preparing to teach a course on journalism and social media, and I wanted to get a firsthand understanding of how to start, publicize, and maintain a blog (and a Facebook page, a Twitter account, etc.) before I tried to teach others about the subject. I’ve already screwed up a few times, and as a journalist I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible about everything. It’s my hope that the experience will help me to better guide those I’ll be instructing.

But it’s not accurate to paint this as a wholly academic experience. I’m also a lifelong comics fan and a legal lifelong beer fan. Hopefully the blog will bring me into contact with others who feel the same.

*there may be some other subjects

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