Shaking off the cobwebs

Hey, here I am!

When I started this blog, at PodCamp 4 in Pittsburgh back in 2009, I told myself I would never write one of those “Sorry I haven’t been posting” posts that include lots of excuses and promises to do better. And I haven’t done that – okay, once – but I haven’t been posting either. Sorry about that.

Today I’ll be presenting at PodCamp 2010. My 1 p.m. session is called “Tools, Not Toys:
Teaching Practical Social Media Use in Journalism and Beyond.” I’m pretty excited about this. The session is based on my experiences designing and teaching our Blogging and Interactive Journalism course here at WVU. This summer I presented a similar talk at AEJMC in Denver with Jeremy Littau, Carrie Brown-Smith and some others (.doc with the abstract here, if you’re interested), and it went over fairly well, so I’m hoping it’s of use to the Pittsburgh set as well.

Interested but can’t make it? The PodCamp site will be streaming sessions live with Vivo (though I’m not yet sure if my session will be so blessed). I’ll put up an outline too, after the session. I’ll also probably get some Chipotle and visit Phantom of the Attic (are those guys ever gonna update their damn website?), but that doesn’t so much concern you.

Update: Here’s that PodCamp 2010 handout as a PDF (sadly, it lacks my dulcet tones).

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