Classy hooch: Fruli

This week I’m drinking Fruli, “a high quality Belgian white beer blended with pure strawberry fruit juice.” Apologies to Fruli fans out there – I don’t know how to type an umlaut so you’ll have to envision the two dots over the “u”.

Here’s what i know from the website. Fruli is a mix of wheat beer and strawberry juice. It is brewed in Belgium near the city of Ghent. It won several awards, and was compared (favorably, I assume) by Time Out London to a “strawberry smoothie with bite”.

That’s the homepage – the rest of the site is curiously incomplete. Under “Fruli” in the navigation bar, you can select “FAQs” or “Fruli fun,” but these pages are blank when you go to them. This is a shame because I really would like to know the kinds of questions that are frequently asked about Fruli – I had naively assumed “Its got strawberry juice in it” would answer 99.9% of the questions you might ask about Fruli, but clearly there’s more under the surface.

There’s also a Fruli blog, but when you click the “blog” link you get the message “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” This is fascinatingly cryptic, and it makes me want to unravel Fruli’s secrets.

Here’s what I know about Fruli from drinking it: Its got strawberry juice in it. You get it in the smell before drinking without even trying. The taste is clearly of strawberries. Exactly what I’m drinking is a little hard to determine. At first I thought it was a little wine cooler-y, but it’s better than that. You can get at the beer in Fruli, but it takes some exploration to get past the juice, which really stands out. REALLY stands out.

Not that that’s terrible if you want to drink a fruity, juicy beer. One of the best things about Fruli is that the taste seems very natural. If you’ve ever made a strawberry drink in a blender, well, that’s what it tastes like; you’re drinking juice, not strawberry flavoring. And there IS beer in there, but you probably won’t think of it as beer. Maybe more like a strawberry-beer smoothie.

That sounds a lot more disgusting than I meant it to.

Fruli’s fine. It’s fruity and well-made for what it is. I probably wouldn’t buy it again – it’s not really for me – but it does something different and accomplishes what it sets out to do. With so many beer trends turning into a game of out-hop/alcohol/dark the last guy, here’s something to be said for that.

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