Baby time!

We’re been at the hospital since 8 a.m. today. No idea how long we’ll be. Both midwives say it would be a good idea for Jess to come in and induce, so induce we have (at 9 a.m.). Jess is nervous, I’m anxious, parents are coming, and dogs are baffled; if I hadn’t mentioned the kid, I could be describing any typical holiday.

Right now she’s chatty and resting comfortably while we wait for the Cervidil (sp?) to take hold. The midwife will be introducing small amounts of Pitocin, not “blasting the uterus,” as she refers to it. We’re only at 1 cm but pretty far effaced. Also we’re watching the Fresh Prince, so the kid will have an extensive knowledge of early hip hop culture.

Anyhow, that’s the story so far. We’re hoping for the best, and for as few additional interventions as possible (though I hear those things are like Pringles, once you’ve popped). As always, further bulletins as events warrant (likely via Twitter).

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