Dying snow persons of Morgantown

This December has been an unusual mix of weathers. We had more flurries yesterday, but the snows of the big blizzard of two weeks ago had mostly melted away. For a brief while, things warmed up in Morgantown.

That might seem like a good thing, but it neglects to consider the individual cost to Snowmankind. While you rest in your cozy homes, countless Iced Americans are left to face the elements without adequate shelter.

Witness the horror as, emaciated and starving, they waste away.

Some barely possess enough scraps of fabric to protect them from the elements.

Others are scarcely recognizable, mere shades of what they once were.

Even those who had once gotten fat off the land now wallow in filth and squalor.

And the women … well, as is so often the case, the women put on a brave face through it all.

Please, the next time it warms up … think of the snowchildren.

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