What Bear (and Penny) ate

Bear is generally a good dog, so he gets to stay in our room or sometimes even roam the house when we’re out. Every now and then, though, things don’t go so well. These are those stories.

My friend Brian loves KISS. Loooooves KISS. I was reminded of this recently when he posted on Facebook about seeing them in concert for what I’m sure is the umpteenth time (it was their best show yet, by his report, which if I were you I’d trust). I suspect the only reason his child is not named Ace is that she was a girl.

For example, this is on his Facebook page:

For that matter, this is us in college:

(Brian was the only KISS fan, but we thought it would be hilarious to go to band practice like this. The lack of reaction from anyone was overwhelming.)

So when post-Christmas shopping, I found an awesome gift for him in a random clearance bin: KISS M&Ms! They’re like regular M&Ms, only they’re black, red and white and have a picture of Peter Criss on the bag! Each one has a picture of a member of KISS on it, so now you too can dine on the face of Paul Stanley:

That picture comes from another blog, rather than my own camera, for reasons which will become apparent. I threw the M&Ms into my shopping cart along with a photo album, some Christmas decorations, and some other non-edible paraphernalia. On returning home, I dropped off the bag in the bedroom.

I think you see where this is going.

On Monday morning we left for our weekly baby checkup. Bear and Penny were sleeping in the bedroom, so we left them there. This is what we came home to:

I think I should note that absolutely nothing was touched or damaged in any way, which is consistent with Bear’s MO – he doesn’t destroy, he delicately unpacks. He removed this bag, which was sealed and plastic and wrapped in a separate plastic shopping bag in the corner, opened it (likely with Penny’s help at this point), and devoured its contents. With the addition of the M&Ms’ individual thin candy shells, I have no idea how he knew, of all the bag’s contents, that this was food.

But he knew. He always knows.

So Brian, if you’re reading this, I had this great idea for a post-Christmas present, but I also have two dogs. I’m sure you understand.

One thought on “What Bear (and Penny) ate

  1. Oh my, I can’t quit laughing. I wonder who ate the most. Questions come to my mind like–Did they share? Did Penny just watch Bear devour them? Was Penny faster and get more than Bear? Oh, the possibilities. Wouldn’t you have loved to witness this event? The M&M’s would have been a great gift to your friend!!

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