Three incredibly geeky (and visual!) presents

I took a few days off from blogging for the Christmas holiday. Partly it was because my parents were visiting, and we were all occupied with presents and meals and general socializing. Mostly it was because I didn’t think of it.

But those days are gone now, and we currently are squatting in the gutter betwixt Christmas and New Year’s, waiting for the baby and hoping it splits those holiday uprights. In the meantime, let’s show off the presents. First, from Jessica:

It’s a set of 10 PANTONE color chip mugs! What young man wouldn’t want such a thing? You’ll notice each includes its specific color code.

Two casualties – Purple’s handle had broken off, and Orange had gotten its bottom punched out somehow. Jess is checking with the people at Uncommon Goods to see about replacements (they also make brown sets for tea and espresso!), but even broken they’ll be colossally geeky office shelf additions.

Second is this set from my parents.

Pogo is one of the best comic strips ever made, but it’s pretty much impossible to find collections – Fantagraphics has been promising a new set for years now, but every time the drop date approaches, they push it back (September 28, 2010? Don’t you believe it). Dad managed to find this hardcover edition from the 1960s, “Ten ever-lovin’ blue-eyed years with Pogo,” as well as this swell Pogo figurine.

Not only that, it turns out the book is annotated! So you get a selection of highlight strips from Pogo’s first ten years, and also Walt Kelly’s comments on where those strips came from. I am not going to get any work done, am I?

Finally, from my sister, these outfits from Nerdy Baby:

U is for Urchin, X is for Xenops. Not only the, the words are written upside down – you know, so the baby can read it.

For those with poor vision, “I (heart) any positive integer divisible only by 1 and itself.” Our child will be both awesome and frequently mocked. Also, I want this (from the wrapping):

Math nerd or Lovecraft fan? Only time will tell.

That’s all the gushing for now. It was a good year, and probably the last time Jessica and I will get presents of any significant. Bear, meanwhile, has had it with the holidays for the time being.

I know the feeling.

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