What Bear ate

Bear is generally a good dog, so he gets to stay in our room or sometimes even roam the house when we’re out. Every now and then, though, things don’t go so well. These are those stories.

Picture, if you will, a meatball sandwich. Jess purchased a 6-inch one of these from Sheetz for lunch Wednesday and ate about half of it. My wife adores leftovers – most of the food she buys, I think she does with the intention of saving part to eat later – and had placed the remaining half on the kitchen counter to wrap up.

Here is that counter from a Bear’s eye view (Bear included for perspective). The scene of the crime is just behind him, above the single-wide drawer.

And here is that counter from above, including the wrapper [re-enactment]. Notice in particular the spot where a meatball sandwich isn’t.

A Sheetz meatball sandwich, while delicious, is neither nutritionally nor digestively similar to Iams large breed dog food, so I don’t know what’s going to come out of my dog at this point. We left that evening to catch the live Rifftrax show (which was awesome, and you can still get tickets for the encore showing tonight, Dec. 17!) and did not come home to any discolored areas of the bedroom carpet. Today’s morning walk was similarly uneventful. With luck, there will not be another tomato soup incident.

Dammit Bear.

One thought on “What Bear ate

  1. LOL. This was a good read. My dog eats cardboard from our recycling on a daily basis. If he isn’t able to get into the recycling bin, things get much worse. He has been known to eat an entire loaf of bread in one sitting on multiple occasions. We still love our Brady though!


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