Getting carded

We haven’t done Christmas cards in a while. I’m not against the practice, and have even engaged in it in the past, but being a student and living in an apartment can leave you feeling less-than-settled. The sending of festive holiday cards, by contrast, is more that tends to be done by people with a firmer handle on their affairs.

(I say this by way of generalization. I am sure there are many absolute basket cases who send Christmas cards. I mean no offense by my stereotyping.)

Anyway, it’s been a while. But this year I came across some good ones, so they’re goin’ out.

The one on the right depicts the Krampus, the Austrian spirit that torments naughty children. The card itself ($11 for 12, but possibly sold out by now) was designed by Melita “Miss Monster” Curphy, whose site I was pointed to by Krampus Kards – apparently there are people who put together these cards every year, which is FANTASTIC.

On the left is a local product, a blood-spatter analysis card designed and sold by the WVU Forensic Science Club. You can get 5 for $10, which goes toward the club. It’s on nice paper too. Here’s the inside.

They also include a logo inside for the people on your Christmas card list who are wondering just what in the hell you’ve sent them.

Mergy Krampus and a Killer New Year!

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