Morgantown photo dump

Morgantown is a weird place. This is not a criticism of the city, but rather an observation. Jess and I like Morgantown, but there is the occasional strangeness. One of my favorite things about having a phone is being able to capture these images. Call ’em documentation, call ’em evidence, but here are a few scenes from the week that was.

After Jess’ weekly pregnancy checkup, we headed back to the car. Pictured is the car parked next to us. May I draw your attention to the vicinity of the front tire:

Behold the wonder of Street Pie.

On closer inspection, the pie appeared to be pumpkin. Why does one leave a pie on the ground in a parking lot? This is one of the mysteries even a Ph.D. does not prepare one to answer.

Here is a book I was not aware existed. I present it here without editorial content:

I choose not to speculate about the length of this book. It does bear mentioning, however, that this is the book immediately below it on the shelf:

Good to know there’s a backup plan.

Finally, here’s an odd choice of trend to seize upon:

Surely there is a reason for this, one other than being an epidemic enthusiast, but I’m at a loss.