Luke Ravenstahl may not be winning hearts and minds

I like Mayor Luke (okay, he’s not MY mayor, but I’m in Pittsburgh pretty regularly). He’s the youngest mayor in Pittsburgh history, and for a brief stint he essentially changed his name to “Screw the Baltimore Ravens.” He also spent some time at Mercyhurst, and, as everyone knows, people from Erie County love politicians who’ve lived in Erie.

Apparently, though, he’s a little shove-y. And might have borrowed a city SUV to go see Toby Keith – but ya gotta love his defense: “That’s what 27-year-olds do and I shouldn’t be any different.” The guy can’t even go to Steelers games anymore, which is a blessing or a curse depending on your geographical inclination.

So there’s some stuff, sure. But on a recent trip to Craig Street I certainly wasn’t expecting anything like this:

Biting critique, or just a catchy portmanteau? You be the judge.