Comic Shop: New Dimension

Traveled up to Pittsburgh today and had enough time to stop at New Dimension near Canonsburg. This is maybe one of my favorite comic shops (outside of Chicago). Whatever I’m looking for, whatever didn’t show up at Gary’s, whatever I just found our about 5 issues late, these guys always seem to have it.

The selection is terrific, from superhero titles to more independent stuff. ND posts its comics sequentially, like most places, but I can almost always find older things I’m looking for. This past summer I picked up almost the entire run of Elephantmen there, which blew my mind.
They’ve got a nice range of minis and games, too. Plus, every year they do some crazy discounts for their anniversary around Labor Day. I’m not sure what you get if you sign up for a pull box, but maybe I’ll find out.

About the only complaint I have is the selection of non-superhero graphic novels is pretty slim, but that’s hardly a unique gripe. The owner and workers are friendly, too, and there’s usually a Steelers, Penguins, or Pitt game on. Two out of three ain’t bad.

New Dimension just expanded their store, so it’s now at least twice as big. The new space seems stocked with more games and graphic novels, and everything is displayed really well, even the expensive statuary that every store has and no one ever buys (well, other than That Guy). Canonsburg’s about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh and 40 miles north of Morgantown, but it’s well worth the trip.

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