There is no Mars info here

I had resigned myself to not posting today – there’s just too much going on in the real world this week – but this cracked me up. I just logged into the site a few minutes ago. Not having posted or promoted today, I didn’t expect any activity, so I was surprised to see 30 hits (that’s a lot for me), nearly all going to my post of ultrasound pics from a few weeks back.

“Did mom send the baby picture link to her friends?” I wondered.

Then I noticed the “Top Searches” listing. This is a cut-and-paste of what appears there:

face on mars,  face on mars picture,  mars face,  mars picture of face,  face of mars

I feel I owe you an apology, Mars enthusiasts. You have surely come here seeking info about the mysterious face on the red planet, and instead you are subjected to, well, this:

Whereas traditional ultrasounds roughly resemble an image of the face on Mars … these new techniques look more like the face on Mars if it had jaundice and was in slightly better focus.

I apologize if you feel your trip has been wasted, but I do admire your enthusiasm for search string permutations. Thank you for using the Internet.

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