On this, the last day of National Blog Posting Month, I bring you this cautionary tale of sheer terror from deep in the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism. Take a moment to dim the lights in order to set the mood.

I was given cause to enter the vacant building on Wednesday the last, the day before Thanksgiving when all souls are occupied elsewhere with their preparations nefarious. As I climb’d the stair to the floor second, my footfalls did echo about me in the eerie quiet.

Twas then did I look, as though somehow beckoned, to the high wall. Perhaps some slight motion did catch my eye? I know not. But there, nestled in that lofty corner, lurked … a BAT. Leathery wings masked the beast’s slavering jaws, and it was only by God’s grace that it had turned its countenance away from me, that I might not be struck afeared by its glowering crimson gaze.

Providence smiled upon me, tho, and so I crept past with a shudder. That day was I spared. But humans do poorly not to remain vigilant, dear reader.

Entering stately Martin Hall once more this Monday morn, I trod thoughtlessly up-stairs to mine office, when what did I encounter? I tell you, reader, THE BEAST HAD RETURNED! Clinging to its same location, the most foul and unholy abomination did lurk in wait for some idle journalism student to happen past.

Twas only by my wits that I survived to pass along the tale, but I tell you this: I must still pass the creature once more today, and my God’s mercy be upon me!

So: Bat in the building. That’s it in the top right – the little black dot. I don’t know if it’s moved since Wednesday, or even if it’s alive (can they hang on if they’re dead?). No guano on the floor. Do they fly around inside the building at night? Has anyone seen it?