To-do’s and to-aren’t-getting-done’s

Still workin’, but not where I ought to be. Let’s do the numbers:

  • Grade 55 35 ethics term papers
  • Review 9 6 ICA submissions (by Dec. 3-7; they added one late)
  • Read 2 1 grad student research proposals
  • Complete Social Media class syllabus
  • Get tree stand, set up tree, and decorate it
  • Hang lights on house and bushes
  • Set up Christmas village
  • Unpack and set up/put away baby shower gifts
  • Bag and drawer comic books

Maybe a day of shopping yesterday didn’t help matters. On the other hand …

  • Buy Christmas presents

So there’s that. Today is the second baby shower, and I hope to be close to the halfway point on the ethics papers by day’s end. That and other 3 ICA papers would be nice.

In penance, here is a gratuitous pictures of dogs:

May we all endeavor to live up to their example, but without all the inappropriate licking.

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