Thursday Pull – Thanksgiving Break edition

Man, do I wish there was a Walking Dead out this week. It’d be such a perfect fit for our favorite gluttony-focused holiday. In honor of the holiday, though, I’ve got a few items on another eats-themed book: Chew.

I talked about Chew a few weeks ago: Cop in a FDA-ruled America who gets psychic readings from anything he eats; disgusting intrigue ensues. If you’re not reading it yet, the trade of issues 1-5 dropped this week, and it’s only $9.99. One can only wonder what Dark Gods were prayed to for this low a price, but it’s a nice extension of the recent trend of cheapie first issues – hey, it works for drug dealers, right?

Chew #6 ($2.99 shelf grab) is out this week, too. John Colby’s back! Colby went down in issue #1 after a cleaver to the head, but after a quick robotic face implant (if it’s on the cover, it ain’t a spoiler) he’s back and working with Tony Chu at the FDA. This one’s the first in another fiver, which will presumably feature the tentacular pineapple (“we think it’s some kind of fruit”) shown on the cover and in the prologue and epilogue.

It’s not a bad jumping-on point either. Alongside a nicely contained bank job case, there’s callbacks to the recent unpleasantness with Mason Savoy, plenty of detail on Tony’s cibopath abilities, and foreshadowing of the main attraction for this arc. It’s still a fun read too – especially the payoff to Colby’s introduction – and there’s lots of rewarding marginalia for the completist who likes to read the tiny little post-its that pepper this world. The nifty gadgetry in that head of Colby’s makes a nice counterpoint to Tony’s biological abilities, too, which is a nice way to keep the story growing.

Also, MTV put up a nice pro/con argument of adapting Chew for TV – has there been discussion of this that I’m not aware of? On the one hand, I’m a tentative fan of any story I love experimenting with new mediums and getting to a larger audience. On the other, well, Chew’s pretty damn gross, and I’d hate to see those edges get filed off for mass consumption (appropriate, no?). Still, this is the network that had the guts to air The Maxx and Aeon Flux … but what have they done for us lately (beside Human Giant)?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Chew. More Pull tomorrow.