To-do’s done so far …

As hoped, the to-do list is getting done. As feared, it’s mostly the physical, lifting-and-hanging stuff, leaving my stacks of papers to hang over my head like a big paper guillotine. Some headway on that today, hopefully.

  • Grade 55 ethics term papers
  • Review 8 ICA submissions (by Dec. 3-7)
  • Read 2 1 grad student research proposal
  • Complete Social Media class syllabus
  • Get tree stand, set up tree, and decorate it
  • Hang lights on house and bushes
  • Set up Christmas village (done except for fake snow)
  • Unpack and set up/put away baby shower gifts
  • Bag and drawer comic books

Pictures to come tonight of the lit-up homestead. Hopefully I can get through some of this reading somewhere in there, too.