The Great Thanksgiving To-Do List

Thanksgiving Break is here, which in academia means one thing: Try to get all your procrastinated school and house work done in a week. My break is bookended by baby showers and Thanksgiving meals, so I’ve got three effective days at home for the house projects, but the papers will follow me from event to event like Dickensian orphans. Here’s what’s in store (feel free to share your own lists, and we’ll be miserable together):

  • Grade 55 ethics term papers
  • Review 8 ICA submissions (by Dec. 3-7)
  • Read 2 grad student research proposals
  • Complete Social Media class syllabus
  • Get tree stand, set up tree, and decorate it
  • Hang lights on house and bushes
  • Set up Christmas village
  • Unpack and set up/put away baby shower gifts
  • Bag and drawer comic books

Just for reference, most of my week will involve taking things from here …

… and putting them here …

… and here.

Back to work.

4 thoughts on “The Great Thanksgiving To-Do List

  1. My Thanksgiving week was also book-ended by baby showers, but I feel as if this is the quiet before the storm. The end of the semester flies by after Thanksgiving and I am not looking forward to the craziness that is bound to ensue. So, my stress to-do list will conclude at the end of the semester:

    -Discussion Section of Master’s Project – Turn in full Manuscript
    -Inclusion Classroom Project
    -Multiple Disabilities Class Observation Paper
    -7 Topics, 3 posts each for Topic Investigation Discussions
    -9 Online Discussion Posts
    -2 Online Chats
    -6 Online Quizzes/Exams
    -Organize Grad Assistant job for passing of the torch
    … and a partridge in a pear tree

    Oh and all of the Christmas-y stuff that I need to do at the house, but those are low on my list right now. By the way, thanks for the invitation to post my list, it helps with stress to make a list.
    Misery loves company… See ya soon!

    • Yeah, the list is pretty helpful for me. The only thing is that I tend to do the physical/yardwork things before the reading things. This gives me quick gratification for checking stuff off, but then leaves me with all paperwork. I need a list for following my list.

  2. I’ll give it a whirl:
    * Review 13 ICA submissions (yes, I am indeed an idiot)
    * Paint the kitchen and hallway in preparation for parents’ Xmas visit
    * Grade 30 reflective essays for Media & Society
    * Pester Bob about seeing that completed Social Media class syllabus
    * Start figuring out where we can get a fresh-cut tree around here
    * Bang out my syllabus for J198, including book adoptions
    * Revise COMM 100 syllabus
    * Connect our china cabinet and get our dishes set up
    * Get at least half of the final exam written

    • 13 submissions? Jesus Crap, man! We got our tree at Kroger for $30. It’s a 7-foot Fraser fir, which I highly recommend – they smell nice and the needles are soft. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get a decent one at Wegmann’s.

      I’ll pass along the syllabus once it’s done, but fair warning, I’m immodestly cribbing some ideas from Seth Lewis (with his approval, of course). And thanks a whole lot for reminding me that I’ve got to write a final, too.

      The tree’s up, anyway.

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