We apologize for the inconvenience

Blargh. I got nothin’ today. I’ve been working up something on the rash of Barack Obama comic books that’s been showing up on stands since 2008, but it’s far too late in the day to drop that kind of post. But I shall endeavor to post, NaBloPoMo overlords!

Enter the list – last refuge of the procrastinator (thanks, Uncle Crappy!):

  • Week 33 of the pregnancy! What’s that mean? According to our Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, the spawn-to-be is “gaining weight rapidly, putting on about a half-pound a week,” which means I’ve been a baby for some time. It can also look forward to pupils developed enough to “constrict, dilate, and detect light.” The book tells me it could actually survive being born at this point, which is way cooler than week 20, when it told us the baby was the size of a turkey sandwich. Why turkey? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.
  • There’s a waffle shortage! Really? Can there be a shortage of that kind of thing? I’m pretty sure you just need flour, eggs, maybe some sugar, and you’re good to go. So either we’re short of those things, in which case we’ve got bigger problems, or we’re short of tiny circular waffle irons, which affects a very specific demographic only (holy crap, that’s Dane Cook?).
  • The Pens are scoring goals again! Now if they can just stop breaking their players, we might have something.
  • The Bills fired Dick Jauron! As a long-time fan, I know this means nothing, but it was nice to be able to point to a specific reason for their losing for a change.
  • Black Cat might be in Spider-man 4! Maybe. And it might be Julia Stiles, who I like, but isn’t she missing a little … something … for that particular role?

This concludes our listing day. Thank you for your patience – I’ll be back on track tomorrow.