What I know about blogging (so far)

hurf hurf hurfWith this post, I am halfway through National Blog Posting Month. That’s 15 posts for November and 21 since starting the thing. So far I’ve got a pageview high of 59, and 38 comments (although that counts my own replies to others) – hardly anything big, but way more than the 1-2 I started with. But the real measure of success is lacking: Only 4 deleted spam comments so far. What’s the matter, robots? I’m not good enough for you?

Some other weird things WordPress tells me:

Top three posts: Adopt a damn dog! (58), Detrolling anonymity (43), It’s a baby (picture)! (24)

Top tags: Bloggery, Drinkin’, I have a theory, Yup (4 each)

Top searches: “astro city,” garth brooks, pregnancy comics, beer comics, skaar hulk, comic beer label, beer in comics, “and don’t even start with.” (I think these are a riot)



Making days orange is hard work.

Some things I’ve learned:


  • It’s easy to outgrow a specific blog title.
  • The difference between tags and categories needs to be learned but can’t be explained. I’m still getting there.
  • Don’t hotlink.
  • Regular departments make thinking of things to write easier, but they also create looming deadlines. At best, this keeps me writing; at worst, it approaches feeling like work.
  • People using social media seem to enjoy talking about social media. Fridays have unintentionally become “Bob yells at the Internet” day, and the comments have been the most robust for these.
  • Blogging is a conversation, not a place where people come just to hear you sound off. The most rewarding posts have been those that start something, and the best conversations are those that progress across multiple blogs. A blogroll isn’t just a list, it’s a directory of participants in that conversation. As I’ve “matured” (if it’s not too early to use that word), I’ve learned that leaving my own URL to interact with others makes blogging a lot satisfying.
  • Integrating with other platforms (Facebook, Twitter) furthers that conversation.
  • Writing every day is something I’ve missed since working in journalism. I’m glad I can still do it.
  • Dogs and babies get more attention than comics and beer. Maybe I’ll change that title after all.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Fifteen to go!

4 thoughts on “What I know about blogging (so far)

  1. I’ll add one I’ve learned: If you want a lot of comments, blog on the weekdays. Why? Because your loyal audience is out having fun or raking leaves on the weekends. During the weekday, we’re commenting rather than doing research.

    I’ve learned that 3-5 p.m. hour works best. When I think to do it, I use the auto-publish feature on WordPress.

    Also, I wouldn’t change the title. At some point titles become useless anyway when a blog gets known for being a thing, and so it becomes ironic. In this case, your blog is known for attracting scoundrels.

    • How’d those leaves work out for you, Jeremy? Mine are in tiny bits now.

      I’ve been experimenting with auto-publish. One thing that frustrates me, though, is that it doesn’t trigger the Twitter update even though I have that marked as a preference. I appreciate hearing your observations about timing. One thing we’ll be exploring in the class is the effects of different times, content, and modes of publicity on pageviews and commenting.

      Scoundrels? I like that. The title stays.

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