It’s a baby (picture)!

ultrasound roomToday’s entry is pretty late (but it’s still getting done, NaBloPoMo overseers!) because I’ve been getting the dogs washed, teaching a class, and … oh yeah, having an ultrasound. Well, Jess had an ultrasound. But I watched it really well.

We’ve had three ultrasounds already. The first came early during an emergency room trip after a scare (everything was fine). The next were the normally scheduled ones at 12 and 20 weeks (we couldn’t see the base of the spine, but the doctors assured us that everything was, again, fine).

Now here we are at 32 weeks, and … everything’s fine! Some weird information though: Two weeks ago, the doctor measured Jess’ womb as somewhat larger than average, but this week we found out the baby is slightly smaller than average (but still fine!). So maybe it’ll just want a really big room.

No baby needs this.


We don’t know the sex because we don’t want to know the sex. Also we don’t want to start receiving frilly pink / sporty blue items any sooner than we have to. They couldn’t identify it during our last ultrasound, so we decided we’d find out the old-fashioned way.

Not only that, they did one of the 3-D imaging affairs, and I was pleased to find out it is not nearly as creepy as I’d expected – only moderately creepy (but maybe that’s just because it’s our baby). Whereas traditional ultrasounds roughly resemble an image of the face on Mars …


… these new techniques look more like the face on Mars if it had jaundice and was in slightly better focus.


Some revelations: The baby has hair! And a spine! And weighs about 3.6 pounds! But my words probably aren’t what you care about, so in the spirit of Internet exhibitionism, here are a few choice images:


bigdaddyI really like this one. You can get a decent sense of features, and it’s far cuter than the scratchy ultrasound pictures we’ve seen so far. The first thing you’ll notice is the rich yellow hue of our baby. This is because it is made entirely of butter. If you are a fan of ska music, you may recognize our child from the cover of Mustard Plug’s album Big Daddy Multitude. It also appears to be cuddling what may be a lobster’s claw – it’s just a random collection of objects down there.


This one looks as though the baby has pressed its face up against a plate glass window. Perhaps it will be an aquarium curator! Or a professional window-shopper!

One thing these images really help sink in is how close we are to the delivery date: Eight weeks by the calendar. And you know what that means … eight weeks until I have my drinking buddy back!

Oh yeah, and the kid.