What Bear ate

evilBear is generally a good dog, so he gets to stay in our room or sometimes even roam the house when we’re out. Every now and then, though, things don’t go so well. These are those stories.

Went to the gym before the morning walk today. I’ve done this before, and it’s usually fine – I let Bear out for a leak, then put him back in the room until I get back, and then we have our walk. He usually hops up on the bed and sleeps next to Jess, but she moved upstairs last night because her back was giving her trouble (or I was snoring – she hasn’t gotten up yet and told me).

The Scene of the Crime: Last night there was a baguette on this table.

See any bread here? I don't.

The evidence: Notice the gnawed loaf in the place where I sleep.

This is not my doing.

The culprit: This hairy grinning bastard.

You greedy bastard.

The sentence: A stern talking-to and half of the usual breakfast (which probably made no difference considering he was full of bread).

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