Thursday Pull – Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the first weekly installment of the Thursday Pull! I’ll be posting my comic pickups for the week here, along with thoughts on those that I’ve had a chance to read. It may also occasionally run on Fridays. The name is already inaccurate because every pickup this week was a shelf grab, but I’ll soldier on. Here goes …

Astra #2 of 2 ($3.99, shelf grab)
Second of a two-shot Astro City story that fills in some time between books three & four of the Dark Age series. Astra continues to show her boyfriend what life as a superhero is like while trying to decide what to do with herself now that she’s graduated. The usual AC excellence, with cataclysmic super battles relegated almost to footnotes in the lives of the people who deal with them every day – and with a twist, even!

Blackest Night books
Titans #3 of 3 ($2.99 shelf grab)
Green Lantern #47 ($2.99 shelf grab)
Blackest Night #4 of 8 ($2.99 shelf grab)
These continue my DC experiment – I was born and raised on Marvel (although I don’t read much of them these days either), but my main reason for avoiding DC in recent years is less fanboyism than unwillingness to get into a huge new universe (which is kinda why I tapered off on Marvel to begin with). But I know the main faces well enough, so BN seemed like a good enough place to jump on. So far, it’s entertaining.

The story has turned a corner with this most recent crop. The Titans, Batman, and Superman (previous weeks) mini-stories have each closed out with the title characters identifying ways in which they might beat the Black Lanterns. These three-issue stories are pretty well-told. The Black Lanterns’ gimmick of playing on painful past memories gets a little tedious when read over multiple books – we get it, it’s horrifying when your husband/girlfriend/flying baby tries to eat you – but the writers are smart enough to move us from these separate battles to the grand alliance problem-solving phase.

I’m still not convinced this idea isn’t partly Marvel Zombies played straight, but this doesn’t fill me with rage. Still, Scott Kurtz’ PVP has made it a little harder to enjoy all the pretty colors with a straight face.

Abe Sapien: The Haunted Boy one-shot ($3.50 shelf grab)
A nice Abe Goes it Alone story set in 1982, sending the BPRD’s icthyo sapien up to Vermont to investigate a routine haunting. The art’s a little scribbly for me (and not just because it isn’t Mignola) – you’ve also seen Patric Reynolds’ work in the short accompanying Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #7 – but I liked it a lot better once the big reveal hit.

Invincible presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1 of 3 ($2.99 shelf grab)
Christ that’s a long title. Kirkman‘s done some nice work fleshing out Atom Eve in a previous miniseries, and now Rex Splode gets a similar “how they met” story. Rex is no longer with us, but he had a good arc within the series – from jerk who’s dating the cool girl to ultimately redeemed – and it’s nice to see where he came from. I’m curious to see how much of this story will be actually affect the ongoing Invincible universe.

So that’s it for this first attempt at the Thursday Pull. I’ll have another round next week. If anyone’s reading yet, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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