Name check

durrrObviously I’m a slow starter. I’ve been doing some reading (or at least Googling), and my clever idea for a blog title and concept (see above) is much less original than I thought in the 5 seconds I was given to come up with it. In deference to those who came before, here are some of the sites I found dealing with, well, comics and beer:

Beer and Comics – There’s some good stuff here, making me feel a little ashamed. At first, I thought the two guys behind this blog were even from my neck of the woods – two of their most recent reviews are of Southern Tier (W. NY state) and Voodoo Brewing (Meadville, PA, home of my alma mater) – but it turns out they’re Michiganers. Michiganites. Michigansters. Anyway, it’s something I’m going to follow, and hopefully not shamelessly mimic.

Comics, Beer, and Shakespeare – Seems to run a broader range than those topics listed in its name. Right now the author is observing Blog a Day month and grappling with trying to brew a lager (which requires cooler temperatures and different yeasts than ales). Also there’s been some talk of religion (descriptive, not proselytizing).

Comics and Beer – Doesn’t look to have been updated since 2007, which is a shame because it looked like an effort to provide some female perspective to our manly world of booze and men in capes.

So there you go. Evidence that, on the Internet, no matter what idea you come up with at least three people have thought of it already – and at least one has already gotten sick of it. Guess I’d better get to work.

2 thoughts on “Name check

  1. Hey! Thanks for the link! Your site looks pretty cool. Yeah, the title of my blog doesn’t really fit – that really was what I intended to write about for the most part when I started it, but the religion stuff just keeps on giving.

    I’ve bookmarked your page and will check it out when I have a bit more time.

    –Lance (Comics Beer and Shakespeare)

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